Applying Social Enterprise in a Refugee Setting

Humanitarian assistance relies on a charity model of providing immediate relief in emergency situations. But once the emergency has passed, other approaches might better deliver services in a market-driven, customer-centric way.

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What can the social innovation ecosystem learn from the tech sector in Lebanon?

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Investing in Innovation - What we can learn from social entrepreneurship for sustainable development

As we invest resources in creating new innovations in public health, we will go farther if we think beyond the usual start-up contests and idea-stage incubators.
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Impactmania: Building a Social Enterprise Ecosystem

The ups and downs of supporting a refugees’ foodtruck, and why social entrepreneurship should not just be for business students.

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To be or not to be: For profit or not for profit?

Some social entrepreneurship leaders advocate non-dividend growth. Others  emphasize that profit drives growth, and that the only way to effectively reach people without access to basic services is to have a large volume and a low margin model that adds up to an overall surplus. How do you decide which is the right fit for you?

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The New Double Bottom Line

By combining the characteristics of small and nimble organizations with those that have successfully scaled, can we have our impact and our numbers too?

We visited Grameen Bank and BRAC in Bangladesh, to learn their secrets and apply them to our own social enterprises in Lebanon and Egypt. Along the way, we realized the answers lay hidden in the most obvious places all along: in the people we worked with and the communities we served.

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The Great Social Enterprise Debate

Do we have to design for scale from the start -- Or does design for scale mean that people will keep falling through the cracks?

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Building Social Innovation Hubs

Stories like this make me wonder what other hidden ecosystems there are in places we don’t often hear or read about.

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Local innovation through social incubation

A look at why and how social innovation can catalyze solutions for local problems from within the community, rather than by importing ideas from the outside.

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Fueling Financial Innovation in the Middle East

Getting social entrepreneurs in Arab countries to take bigger risks in financing for scale may require that they put more skin in the game.

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Pushing MOOCs the Last Mile

Online education is already changing the way people learn all over the world, but is it reaching the populations that can benefit most?

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Social Entrepreneurship @Harvard Chan

Read the reflections and experiences of students building social ventures at Harvard Chan School.

The unexpected evolution of an idea, the importance of focus, inspiration for a part time entrepreneur, the power of connections, and many other topics posted by students.

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