You don't have to go to Harvard or Yale to take my course -- Watch the videos below, borrow the textbook from your local library or rent it online, and get started on creating your venture!

Chapter 1


4-min segment discussing characteristics of social innovation and entrepreneurship with examples. What makes it "social," and what skills are needed for effective results? Find out here.

Chapter 2

The Challenge

5-min segment that starts with understanding the problem, to build an effective solution around it. Choose a social challenge to focus on while building you social innovation skills. First step = Characterizing the challenge.

Chapter 3


This is one of the most essential processes, linking problem characterization with solution design. In this 5-min segment we talk about going to where the problem is, and co-creating with the community.

Chapter 4


8-min segment on ideating, iterating, prototyping, testing your solution. This is all a part of human centered design thinking. You are asked to come up with an evidence-based, user-driven product, service, or system.

Chapter 5


How will you take your solution to market? 9-min segment on social market strategy using the 5Cs and 5Ps to determine feasibility, and putting it all in one place with a social business canvas.

Chapter 6


6-min segment on nuts and bolts of implementation and operations to get your solution to cross the last mile. Examples of distribution channels from across the globe.

Chapter 7

Impact Metrics

What does success look like and how will you measure it? We use a logframe to help set impact metrics and start planning for resources needed. 6-min segment

Chapter 8

Revenue Model

11-min segment on completing your business model. We review different business models for social entrepreneurship, and some business basics.

Chapter 9

Pitching and Networking

Time to get your idea out there! This 7-min segment gives tips on pitching and garnering support to access resources for incubation and acceleration.

Chapter 10


10-min segment covering different financial vehicles, sources, and investment approaches to meet the needs of your venture across different stages in its life cycle.

Chapter 11

Building the Organization

Starting a new organization is not always the best path to impact and scale. This 9-min segment covers different options and considerations to institutionalize your solution.

Chapter 12


9-min segment on how to get your message out to the world. This includes marketing to prospective customers, other external stakeholders, as well as internal communications.

Chapter 13


Scaling the number of people reached is only the first level of growth. This 7-min segment discusses other growth paths including the depth & duration of impact; and steps you can take to expand beyond your own venture.