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Interviews with various podcast hosts around the world:


Going Deep with Aaron

Aaron Watson and I discuss the basics of social entrepreneurship and how anyone can take local or global action.


Dollars and Change

Wharton's Sandy Hunt and Nick Ashburn interview me on social investment and impact.

teaching in higher ed

Teaching in Two Worlds

How to navigate two worlds? From Academia to Practice, from Harvard to Beirut and. With Bonni Stachowiak, on Teaching in Higher Ed.

Coaching for Leaders

How to Solve a Really Big Problem

What are some leadership tools from social entrepreneurship that can be applied in any work place? (Click to listen)


Voice of Lebanon

In this Arabic podcast, listen to a panel of social entrepreneurs from Lebanon. I share the story of Alfanar, the first Arab venture philanthropy.

Writer on the Side

Hassan Osman and I talk about why the publishing industry is broken, and how you can write a book while running an organization.

Hosting the Alfanar venture philanthropy podcast in 2017:

Disrupting Markets

How did we build the first refugee food truck venture? Tom Morgan and Susan Sarandon document the journey in "Soufra."

Beyond Philanthropy

How has the development landscape evolved since the Arab Spring? Barbara Ibrahim shares her firsthand insight.

Global Partnerships

Expanding beyond individual level microloans, Kiva's Premal Shah examines small business aggregators like Alfanar.